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考试内容一共有六大板块,前面三个板块难度尚可,后面的四、五、六分别是:长对话、听短文回答问题和Free talk,这三块的内容难度很大。


很多学生在考完以后都说长对话和短文基本上听不懂,free talk部分拿到题目就直接反应不过来了。








1. What is the best piece of advice you have received?  

2. What's the most memorable adventure you've ever had?

3. What was the last thing you read, heard, or saw that inspired you ?  

4. What do you think is the most important thing for today's kids to learn in school?

FREE TALK 在答题之前有30秒的准备时间,要求在1分钟之内说完,期间不得动笔







The best piece of advice that I‘ve’ received is think twice before taking action. I used to be a boy who was very careless, always doing things rashly without much thinking. I would spend just a few seconds on a difficult math problem, and told my teacher that I worked it out. However, finally my teacher would always tell me that somewhere in the procedure, an important step was missing because of my carelessness and being hasty. Parents also complained that I often made decisions without careful planning and thinking. For example, I just spent up all my pocket money on snacks before I realized that I still needed to buy stationery. One day, father advised me that I needed to think twice before taking any action, and not to be so hurried. He is right. I think I will take this advice and become a more careful boy.



The most memorable adventure I‘ve ever had was my summer camp at chongming district last year. It was the most terrific experience I ever had. I went there together with my classmates and teacher. The camp was in a big park. We together explored the vast wetland in the park, and saw many wild birds perching/ resting in the grass, and also there were many crabs and fish in the pond. The river bank was very slippery, so we had to be very carful with our steps. Through this one week adventure in the wilderness, I learnt the importance of environment protection. The peace and quiet is so important for those wild animals.



The last thing I read that inspired me most was the report of the sichuan earthquake that hit the tourist attraction jiuzhaigou badly. In the report I learned that many soldiers and volunteers flew from all parts of the country to the earthquake stricken area to offer their most timely help. How hard soldiers worked days and nights trying their best to evacuate people from the most dangerous places to safe areas for shelter. Hundreds of volunteers and people from all around the country eagerly donated money and resources of all kinds to help the earthquake victims to go through the hardest time in their life. Some people even drove to the disaster area to directly involve themselves in the rescue activities. Many people were moved to tears when they received help from all around China. I was also moved when I learned of this because I think Chinese people are really great, when they are faced with hardships, they are never afraid, but face it and fight  against it.

Free talk的参考答案可以到这个水准,52数学君只能用terrible来形容了!



级别 题型 时间 题目 通过标准
四级 常识回答 5-8秒/题 6 6过4
情景回答 10秒/题 6





10秒/题 3 3过2



15秒/题 5 5过3



15秒/题 3 3过2
自由对话 60秒 / 15分以上